#BeeWell will survey the wellbeing of pupils in secondary schools across Greater Manchester from Autumn 2021 and deliver positive change in all our communities as a result.

The #BeeWell Survey

The #BeeWell survey has two distinct sections that together reflect what young people have told us matters most to them: the Domains and Drivers of Wellbeing.

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Information for Young People

#BeeWell will support schools and communities to prioritise young people’s wellbeing – and work with young people to create their own futures

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Information for School Leaders

#BeeWell will support schools to embed long-term improvements in wellbeing.

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#BeeWell Partners will mobilise communities by providing localised insights into the experiences of young people across the
66 neighbourhoods of Greater Manchester

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Happy Half Term everyone!⠀

We hope you're excited to try out some new things during your time off! Recharge, rest and get creative and active to keep on top of your wellbeing while you have time away from school.⠀

#HalfTerm #Wellbeing #GMBeeWell #BeeWell ...#YouthWellbeing #YouthMentalHealth #GreaterManchester

Do you find yourself struggling with social anxiety or overwhelmed at the thought of social settings? Speak to someone about how you’re feeling or find something to focus on.

@YoungMindsUK have compiled a list of tips for coping with social anxiety: https://www.instagram.com/beewellgm/

Almost everyone has experienced social anxiety at some point in their lives. Many of us feel nervous about being judged by others especially in social settings. When things get a little overwhelming, try some of these tips. ⠀

Thank you @youngmindsuk for creating this helpful list of ...tips! For more mental health information and support, check out their website and socials. ⠀

As always if you are struggling, please reach out:⠀

#BeeWell #Wellbeing #YouthWellbeing #YouthMentalHealth #GreaterManchester #GMBeeWell #YoungMinds

Throughout #BlackHistoryMonth we will be sharing stories of Black people who inspire our young people. Today we have Nina Simone.⠀

She blended jazz, blues, gospel, and European art songs with emotional honesty, and in the 1960s, was known for incorporating civil rights protests into ...her songs. She is known as the ‘High Priestess of Soul’, because of beautifully hypnotic her voice and music was. ⠀

If you've never listened to Nina Simone before, please take some time out today to discover her.⠀

#BlackHistoryMonth #BeeWell #YouthWellbeing #Wellbeing #YouthMentalHealth #GreaterManchester #GMBeeWell #BHM

4 days until the #TheFutureIsOursFestival!🙌

@42ndStreetmcr and the @thehorsfall are showcasing young people’s voices, art and creativity! The festival celebrates the creative expression of young people in Greater Manchester.

🔥 Hot Ticket Alert! 🎟️

Under 65 tickets left for IncludEd 2021, Saturday 6th November.

Join @neilhumphreyUoM as he talks about @GMBeeWell, the wellbeing and mental health programme from @OfficialUoM.

Tickets: https://t.co/gzkYIykVQE
View speakers: ...https://t.co/crThdAqXh7

Everyday acts of mindfulness.⠀
You may think mindfulness only exists as meditation, but there are plenty of daily activities that you can use to practice. Whatever you're doing, fully immerse yourself in the moment - don't worry if you get distracted by your thoughts, just notice ...them, acknowledge them and get back to what you're doing.⠀

@headspace are an incredible comprehensive resource for all things mindfulness - go check them out!⠀

#BeeWell #Wellbeing #GMBeeWell #GreaterManchester #MentalHealth #YoungPeople #YouthWellbeing #YouthMentalHealth

To celebrate Black History Month, young people are talking about the Black people that inspire them. Head over to our Instagram to see more!



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