#BeeWell has begun to annually survey the wellbeing of pupils in secondary schools across Greater Manchester. The first survey was delivered in Autumn 2021, and we hope to support our partners to deliver positive change in all our communities as a result.

The #BeeWell Survey

The #BeeWell survey has two distinct sections that together reflect what young people have told us matters most to them: the Domains and Drivers of Wellbeing.

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GM Neighbourhood Dashboard

Responses to the #BeeWell survey are annually published at a Greater Manchester neighbourhood level, to inspire place-based responses to the data to support young people’s wellbeing.

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Information for Young People

#BeeWell will support schools and communities to prioritise young people’s wellbeing – and work with young people to create their own futures

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Information for School Leaders

#BeeWell will support schools to embed long-term improvements in wellbeing.

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#BeeWell Partners will mobilise communities by providing localised insights into the experiences of young people across the
66 neighbourhoods of Greater Manchester

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Today is the last day of #BeeWell Week!

Thank you to everyone who took part in making young people's wellbeing everybody's business - let's continue the conversation!

#BeeWellWeek #Wellbeing #YouthWellbeing #FYP #GreaterManchester #YouthMentalHealth #MentalHealth

Today marks the close of #BeeWellWeek, thank you to our fantastic partners for getting involved, and to the brilliant young people who joined us for #BeeWellFest last week.

We have a few shout-outs we want to make, and some highlights to share from the week below.👇

Our partners at NHS Greater Manchester Integrated Care are holding a market engagement event next week, as they look to commission a response to the #BeeWell findings on inequalities in wellbeing experienced by LGBTQ+ young people.

Read more: https://buff.ly/3DX1tSc

It's #BeeWell week!
Download our FREE resource for some practical tips to help boost your students' positive emotions 👇



Live now with the latest #Beewell-being show, recorded live from @GMBeeWell #Beewell Festival at @depotmayfield last Thursday.

Let us know how you are feeling this Wednesday in the chatroom.


Thanks so much for taking part and for sharing your experiences about the day!

The news post is a great read about all things #BeeWellFest🤩

Some of our Year 8 and 10 learners went on a trip to the #BeeWell Festival, taking part in group activities, artistic works and fun with spinning disks and archery.
More details below:
#learningforlife #watergrovetrust

It's #BeeWell Week! Whatever is on your mind, help and support is available. Talk to a qualified professional or other people in the community - check out our partners @kooth_uk and @qwell.io for help with your mental health.

Find support through:
- Live chat
- Messaging
-... Forums
- Podcasts
- Self help

#BeeWell #BeeWellWeek #MentalHealth #MentalHealthSupport #YouthWellbeing #Wellbeing #YouthMentalHealth #GmBeeWell #GreaterManchester

It's #BeeWell Week! Whatever is on your mind, help and support is available. Talk to a qualified professional or other people in the community - check out our partners @kooth_plc for help with your mental health.

#BeeWell, UK’s biggest survey of young people’s experiences, returns for second year!

Read more: https://buff.ly/3LL2oHk


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