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Frequently Asked Questions

What is #BeeWell?

#BeeWell is a three-year programme for secondary schools across Greater Manchester that focuses on young people’s wellbeing, and the factors that influence their wellbeing. Click here to find out more.

Who can participate in #BeeWell?

All secondary schools across Greater Manchester are eligible to participate in #BeeWell. We will survey students in Years 8 and 10 in autumn 2021, Years 9 and 10 in autumn 2022, and Year 10 only in autumn 2023.

What does the #BeeWell survey measure?

The survey measures drivers and domains of wellbeing:

  • Six Drivers – Health and Routines, Hobbies and Entertainment, Relationships, School, Environment and Society, and Future
  • Three Domains – Meaning, Purpose and Control, Understanding Yourself, and Emotions.
Who can become a #BeeWell Coalition Partner?

Any organisation who commits to responding to what the young people tell us within their organisation can become a #BeeWell partner.  These are organisations from across sectors – you can see the current list of coalition partners here .  These might be organisations working within or across Greater Manchester, national organisations who have a presence in Greater Manchester or who are working in well-being or research/policy.

Why should I become a #BeeWell Coalition partner?

We bring our coalition partners together quarterly to share with them the latest updates on our work, and to shape collectively with them how we will all respond to what young people tell us.  You will have first access to the data by neighbourhood when we produce it in March 2022.  It is a chance to be part of a ground-breaking programme, to listen to young people, to act collectively with them and others for change, to network with organisations from across sectors and to be part of a movement that is committed to improving young people’s wellbeing – both across Greater Manchester and nationally.

Who do I contact if I want to find out more about becoming a #BeeWell Coalition partner?

If you want to find out more about becoming a partner, please email

What happens after submitting the surveys?

After the conclusion of the survey window, the #BeeWell team clean and prepare the submitted data ready for the feedback reporting stage of the annual cycle. Based on current estimates, we anticipate that feedback reports will be made available to schools and localities at the beginning of January in a given year, and neighbourhood data will be made available to partners in March in a given year.

Does this research have ethical approval?

Yes.  #BeeWell was reviewed and approved by the University of Manchester’s Research Ethics Committee (reference 2021-11133-18179).

Is the research GDPR compliant?

Yes.  Please read our GDPR notice here  (opens in a new window) which outlines the data we will hold, the legal basis for processing these data, how data will be stored and shared, and the rights of data subjects.

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