#BeeWell Reports & Briefings

This page contains the link to all #BeeWell Reports & Briefings published so far, including:

  • #BeeWell Headline Findings Report 2022
  • #BeeWell Overview Briefing: 2021 Headline Findings
  • Inequalities Evidence Briefing
  • Young Researcher Programme report
  • Relationships Evidence Briefing
  • EPI #BeeWell report
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#BeeWell Neighbourhood Dashboard

#BeeWell has launched the updated neighbourhood dashboard for the 2022 survey results. The dashboard presents the findings of the data on a community-level, capturing the voices of 60,000 young people who have completed the survey over two years.

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#BeeWell Research Papers

View this page to find summaries and record of research papers authored by the University of Manchester #BeeWell team, or that use the #BeeWell data.

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#BeeWell Blogs

Read blogs published by the #BeeWell team or blogs written about the programme.

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