#BeeWell Overview Briefing: 2021 Survey Headline Findings

This briefing provides the headline findings from the first wave of the #BeeWell surveys, delivered in schools during Autumn term 2021. There were almost 40,000 responses to this survey from Year 8 and Year 10 pupils across Greater Manchester.

Disclaimer: this briefing has been revised since it’s initial publication in March 2022. An error on the percentage of young people in the city-region that had completed the survey has now been corrected.

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#BeeWell Inequalities Briefing

We are pleased to share a briefing by the University of Manchester Research team on the inequalities uncovered through the #BeeWell survey. The team studied stress, life satisfaction, negative affect and psychological wellbeing, and looked at how these scores differed for young people in Greater Manchester based on gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity and more.

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#BeeWell Neighbourhood Dashboard

#BeeWell has launched the neighbourhood dashboard for the 2021 survey results. The dashboard presents the findings of the data on a community-level, capturing the voices of almost 40,000 young people who completed the survey.

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#BeeWell Blogs

Read blogs published by the #BeeWell team or blogs written about the programme.

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