Delivering the survey

School Support Resources

#BeeWell schools can find a timeline for the 2022/23 academic year, here.

Here are the resources to support the delivery of the survey in your school:

Our #BeeWell Resource Packs for Autumn 2022 contain all the information and resources you will need to deliver the survey in your school. This includes a staff support pack, with a session plan, FAQs, and a glossary, a PowerPoint introducing the #BeeWell Survey to pupils, a distress protocol, a support poster, and a PDF copy of the survey. 

#BeeWell Resource Pack for Mainstream Settings

#BeeWell Resource Pack for Non-Mainstream Settings

The 2022 #BeeWell survey can be accessed by clicking here, or by guiding pupils to enter this link into their browser:

Please see links below for parent/carer info-sheets to be sent to pupils eligible to complete the #BeeWell survey in Autumn 2022. If you are sending out these info-sheets and opt-out forms during or after the summer holidays, please note parent/carers must be given a minimum of two weeks’ notice to return any opt-out forms to us, and therefore schools must have sent these forms to pupils by 30th September 2022. If your school has sent out the newest version of these forms, you cannot begin delivering the #BeeWell survey to your pupils until you receive your pupil password lists in the week commencing Monday 17th October 2022.

Parent Information and Consent Sheet 

Parent information and consent forms in the six other most commonly used languages in the Greater Manchester area: 








#BeeWell Welcome Pack & #BeeWell Welcome BACK Pack, July 2022.

Disclaimer: these documents have been revised since their initial publication in July 2022. An error on the percentage of young people in the city-region that had completed the survey has now been corrected.



Webinar Series

You can also hear from the #BeeWell team around delivering the survey in the three-part webinar series below.

Technical and logistical support

This webinar recording and slide set is aimed at members of staff who’ll be involved in technical and administrative preparations for the survey.  It includes:

  • IT requirements for the survey
  • Dealing with firewalls
  • Receiving passwords for your students
  • Troubleshooting

Please note these webinars were filmed in 2021 – whilst all the advice is still relevant, the link to the #BeeWell survey for 2022 has changed. The link will be updated on this site when live.

Introducing the #BeeWell Survey to your school community

This webinar recording and slide set is aimed at staff who will be supporting pupils both before and during the survey. It includes:

  • Briefing the school community
  • Preparing the pupils for the survey
  • Resources to support survey completion
  • Supporting students with additional needs
  • Signposting to additional help
  • Dealing with issues that may arise

#BeeWell in non-mainstream settings

This webinar recording and slide set is aimed at staff in special schools and other non-mainstream provision settings to support their participation and make #BeeWell as inclusive as possible. It includes:

  • Information on adapted versions of the survey
  • Briefing on support before and during the survey