Responding to the survey

This page provides schools with resources on how to use and respond to your data dashboards.

If your school has not yet completed the #BeeWell survey – take a look here at what your school data dashboard will look like.


#BeeWell survey response resource pack

You can download the full resources pack to support your response to the survey findings, here

You can download the individual, editable versions of these resources below:

#BeeWell resource pack – An overview and introduction to responding to the survey results.

#BeeWell school plan template – This template helps you to plan your response to the data.

#BeeWell self-review template – You can use this document to review your provision in place to support pupil wellbeing.

#BeeWell monitoring interventions guidance – This document allows you to plan how you will monitor interventions and directs you to helpful resources on this topic.

#BeeWell mapping bullseye – This is a mapping exercise for you to focus on who can support young people with their wellbeing.

#BeeWell staff and pupil discussion sheet – This sheet provides you with discussion questions that can be used to facilitate conversations between staff and pupils on the #BeeWell data.

Youth Focus North West and #BeeWell Lundy Model resource – This resource has been produced by #BeeWell and Youth Focus North West to support schools to use the Lundy model when including young people in the response to the survey data.

Traffic Light template – This is one example of how you might present information from your survey report to open up dialogue in a particular group/context. We are looking forward to sharing other creative examples from schools in the coming weeks and months.


We have also hosted and recorded two webinars to support your use of the #BeeWell school dashboards.


Webinar 1 – Understanding your data dashboard

The first of our two support webinars on using your data dashboard can be found below. It includes:

  • Technical information on how to use your dashboard
  • An overview on the different functions of the dashboard
  • Information on creating your own reports

The slides from the webinar can be found here.


Webinar 2 – Responding to your data

Our second webinar focused on:

  • How to plan your response to the #BeeWell data
  • How to use the #BeeWell resources to support your plan
  • How to ensure young people are involved in the response to your survey results

You can watch the webinar below: