Support for PRUs and APs

For the Autumn 2022 survey window, #BeeWell are pleased to announce extra support for PRUs and APs to deliver the survey. 

This includes: 

  • An extended parent/carer opt-out deadline: we are not asking PRUs and APs to complete the parent/carer opt-out process in the summer term of 2021/22. Instead, you will be contacted in September by a member of the #BeeWell team, to arrange when the opt-out forms should be sent out.
  • PRUs and APs will also be contacted by the #Beeell team to agree a data sharing agreement, to ensure that pupil information is as up to date as possible for survey delivery.
  • A more flexible survey window: we recognise how busy the school year is, and the challenges and uncertainties associated with a fluid student population. To account for this, the #BeeWell survey window is being extended to the end of the Autumn term. APs and PRUs can opt to begin their surveys after the half-term break, meaning that the most accurate, up to date information can be used to identify eligible pupils. 
  • A more accessible survey: A short version of the #BeeWell survey, containing 32 items, has been created for non-mainstream school settings, accounting for a range of abilities and a shorter completion time. This version, developed in consultation with staff and pupils in non-mainstream school settings, will be rolled out in APs and PRUs in 2022. 
  • PRUs and APs can also access the symbol version of the #BeeWell survey – school staff will be asked to identify which young people this may be suitable for in Autumn 2o22
  • Survey delivery and implementation: #BeeWell are offering named contacts to support APs and PRUs with survey delivery in Autumn 2022. These named contacts will be available to support your staff with survey delivery, including for example attending and supporting students to complete surveys during allocated lessons as required. 
  • PRUs and APs may also have staff that work across multiple sites – if this is the case and you would like one team member to act as the link person for multiple schools, please let the #BeeWell team know.
  • General and bespoke feedback: with the aim of collecting increased survey responses from students in non-mainstream settings and maximising feedback, #BeeWell will be able to generate a general report relevant to the AP and PRU context. Additionally, for settings with more than 10 survey responses, #BeeWell will provide bespoke feedback reports that enable you to compare outcomes for your pupils with those of the AP/PRU sector across GM. 

If you work at an AP or PRU in Greater Manchester that has not yet signed-up to the #BeeWell programme but would be interesting in doing so, please email to speak to the team. 

For an introduction on what the #BeeWell programme is, read more here.