What is #BeeWell?

#BeeWell is a wellbeing programme led by the University of Manchester, the Anna Freud Centre, the Greater Manchester Combined Authority and the Gregson Family Foundation, that combines academic expertise with youth-led change to make the wellbeing of young people everybody’s business. Designed by young people, #BeeWell surveys the wellbeing of pupils in secondary schools across Greater Manchester, beginning in Autumn 2021 and for at least three years. #BeeWell and our partners will use the results to deliver positive change in all our communities.

We will:
Listen to young people’s voices
Act together for change
Celebrate young people’s wellbeing.

Co-creation is at the forefront of #BeeWell. We worked with more than 150 young people from pathfinder schools across Greater Manchester in the design of the survey, gaining invaluable insights into what wellbeing means to young people, what factors influence their wellbeing, and what makes them thrive.

The #BeeWell survey has two distinct sections that together reflect what young people have told us matters most, the Domains and Drivers of Wellbeing:


  • Meaning, Purpose and Control
  • Understanding Yourself
  • Emotions


  • Health and Routines
  • Hobbies and Entertainment
  • Relationships
  • School
  • Environment and Society
  • Future

Read this blog by Bethan and Meera from the Greater Manchester Youth Combined Authority to find out more about how the #BeeWell Survey was shaped by the voices of young people. #BeeWell – Measuring wellbeing in secondary schools across Manchester – What Works Wellbeing

In 2021, the first #BeeWell survey was completed by almost 40,000 young people. We published the findings from these surveys in March 2022, and all #BeeWell publications can be found here.

Participating schools and localities also receive feedback to support the wellbeing of young people. Arts and cultural organisations, youth clubs, sports clubs, businesses, charities and other actors have committed to working together to improve young people’s wellbeing, by joining the #BeeWell Coalition. But most importantly we want to work with young people to ensure that you are at the heart of the response to the #BeeWell survey and shaping the future of our communities across Greater Manchester.