Young People FAQs


What is #BeeWell?

#BeeWell will seek to create the conditions for all our young people to thrive across Greater Manchester by:

  • listening to young people’s voices,
  • acting together for change, and
  • celebrating their wellbeing.

#BeeWell will survey pupils in secondary schools across Greater Manchester about your wellbeing from autumn 2021 and deliver positive change in all our communities as a result.

Who is involved in running #BeeWell?

This is a collaboration between The Greater Manchester Combined Authority (the Mayor Andy Burnham’s Office), The University of Manchester and the Anna Freud Centre – who are experts in young people’s mental health and wellbeing.  There are also lots of other partners involved and supporting the work – you can see some of them here.  Each of the schools who are involved are then committing to supporting their pupils to take part in the survey – which will then be fed back to the team who will bring together the information from every young person who takes part to understand the issues facing young people across Greater Manchester.

How many young people are taking part?

We want to involve every secondary school who wants to take part across the whole of Greater Manchester.  In our first year over 200 secondary schools signed up to take part. We received almost 40,000 completed surveys from young people across Greater Manchester in Autumn 2021.

How have young people shaped #BeeWell?

Young people have played a fundamental role in every aspect of shaping #BeeWell.  They played a central role in developing the questionnaire itself, a young person has designed the logo, young people have helped shape the broader visual identity and the website, there is a Youth Steering Group that has a key role in shaping and designing every element of the work. But beyond that, we want to ensure young people will also be a key part to how we respond to what we hear from the questionnaire.  We want young people to play a key role in feeding this back to decision makers and to having a key input into funding decisions as a result of what we hear.

Can I get involved in the #BeeWell Youth Steering Group?

#BeeWell is supported by a fantastic Youth Steering Group, bringing together young people every month to shape the #BeeWell programme. The group is run by Youth Focus North West. If you are a young person and would like to be involved please get in touch with

Filling out the #BeeWell Survey:

Why am I being asked to fill in this survey?

This will help us to learn about young people’s mental health and wellbeing. In particular, it will help the research team and your school to find out what things make young people more likely to have good mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Who will see the answers I give?

The survey is anonymous. This means no one at your school, or your parents, will know what individual answers you gave. Your answers go to the research team. They put all young people’s answers together in a project file so that they can learn about how young people are feeling across the whole of Greater Manchester.  Although the research team may share the project file with others (e.g. other researchers, people at Greater Manchester Combined Authority), it will not contain any information that would let people know who you are (for example, your name).

As no one in your school will see your answers, if you need to talk to someone about your feelings, you need to speak to a teacher or another adult you trust in school.

Is the project just for young people with problems or for everyone?

This project is for all young people. We all need to look after our mental health and wellbeing, just like we need to look after our physical health.

Will the survey affect us?

Answering the survey won’t have immediate effects on you. But, we hope that the survey will help your school and the researchers to learn about how to improve support for young people’s mental health and wellbeing.

Some of the questions are very similar – is that a trick?

Some questions may sound very similar, but it’s not a trick. Some questions may ask the same thing in different ways so that we can make sure we really understand how young people are feeling.


Is this a test?

No, this isn’t a test. There are no right or wrong answers. The questions in the survey are just about your thoughts and feelings.

Do I have to answer every question?

If you don’t want to answer a question, that’s ok. It’s your choice which questions you answer. If you don’t want to answer a question, just leave it blank and move onto the next one.

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